Done-for-You Tune-Up

Sit back, relax, and get your website back on track.

For an affordable flat fee, you can hire us to implement the top 10 updates & fixes for your website that have the highest return on investment and get your website back on track – in a matter of days, not months.

We will evaluate your site, and present the biggest opportunities to improve your website’s messaging, layout, SEO, and performance. Once you review approve our recommendations, we’ll get to work on your website’s tune-up.

IMPORTANT: You MUST have access to your website’s back-end and be able to create a new admin account for us to be able to login and make the necessary changes to your website. After our initial evaluation of your website, we will contact you to walk you through how to provide the necessary credentials to your website, web host, and/or domain registrar.

Some issues we find may be beyond the scope of this initial tune-up service.

Oftentimes, website errors are caused by the use of outdated and unsupported plugins or other third-party services that have been integrated into the site. We can assist with remedying these issues, but these will likely require additional time, support from the plugin developers, or upgrades to an existing service. We may recommend using an alternative plugin, service, or hosting environment for better performance and functionality. We love to find alternative services that will actually yield cost savings for our clients, but we might also recommend a service that will require a paid subscription. Any additional work and paid service implementation is entirely at your discretion. We will have a conversation and submit a formal proposal for additional work beyond the scope of the DFY Tune-up if needed.

We just want to be up front and transparent that we may run into issues that will need more time and resources to correct. You can handle these issues on your own, shop around for somebody else to help with this, or hire us to dig in and provide additional marketing and web support services.

But we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! For now, let’s take a look under the hood and start giving your site a much needed tune-up!

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