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About us

Dave is a freelance marketing consultant and host of Self-Employment Sidekick – equipping new entrepreneurs to grow their side-gig into their central gig.

From website design, video and podcast production, email, SEO, and robot poetry, Dave has provided marketing expertise to small businesses and nonprofits for over a decade.

He enjoys board games, perfecting his pizza recipes, psycho-analyzing his extended family members with his wife, and reading out loud (voices and all) to his 3 boys before bed.

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Quick, Hassle-Free Website Tune-Ups

We transform outdated websites into sleek, modern, high-performing digital spaces. With our targeted, data-driven improvements, you’ll quickly see better user engagement, increased conversions, and happier customers. And the best part? You won’t have to break the bank or deal with a lengthy redesign process.

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